Dr. Chaïm Weizman

Angleterre, Londres, 
15 février 1939
Photographie de presse
Dr. Chaïm Weizman
Dimensions :
H. 15,2 - L.20,7 cm

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Edition :
ACME Newspictures
Marques :
Tampon bleu
Au dos de la photographie sur papier tapuscrit : "Dr. Weizmann At opening of Palestine? London, England -- Dr. Chiam Weizmann leader an scientist, pictured with? he left the opening session of the Conference at St. James' Palace. ? and Arab delesates are meeting ? the arabs refuse to meet with ? CREDIT LINE (ACME) 2/15/39" -- Collé au dos avec du scotch, sur papier tapuscrit : " Weizman, widow of the first president of Israël, is treated as the "Queen of England". When she is at home the national flag flies over her residence. When she is away, the flag is hauled down. Chaim Weizman, her husband, developed vital ingredients for TNT and perfected the mask that protected the British army from German gas in World War I. In return, Lord Balfour promised him Jewish state in Palestine." Tampon de l'agence photographique.