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Virtual visit of the permanent collection

The virtual visit of the mahJ allows the public to discover the galleries from a distance, thanks to thematic tours presenting around sixty works, accompanied by explanations (in French) and music.

Visite virtuelle, section Afrique du Nord

The virtual visit displays the permanent collection (October 2021).

What did you think of the virtual visit?

After your experience, please answer the French Ministry of Culture's questionnaire on virtual visits by clicking here.

Composition of the virtual visit

There are four thematic tours: "Masterpieces" (« Chefs d'œuvre »), "Keys to Judaism" (« Clés du judaïsme »), "History of Jews in France" (« Histoire des juifs en France ») and "Families" (« Familles »). You can also choose to see the "Whole museum" (« Tout le musée »)

A few tips:

  • Arrows on the ground
    take you from step to step, as if you were walking,
  • The helmet icon
    to listen to short explanations (in French),
  • The loudspeaker icon
    to listen to music (available in Masterpieces tour (« Chefs d'œuvre ») or Whole museum (« Tout le musée »)),
  • White stops
    to observe a work of art (magnifying glass) and read a commentary (in French),
  • Magnifying glass icon
    to see a larger version of an image or scroll through several images,
  • Menu (square icon top left)
    to navigate from one sequence to another or to change tour. Please note that if you have chosen one of the themed tours, only the sequences corresponding to that theme will be displayed. To see everything, choose "Whole museum"
    (« Tout le musée »).

You will also discover the setting of the Hôtel de Saint-Aignan, which serves as a showcase for the collection.

The virtual visit retraces a moment in the presentation

Those of you who are able to visit the exhibition will have the opportunity to discover that the presentation of the collection is changing! 

This virtual tour reflects the presentation of the permanent collection in October 2021.

Only part of the permanent collection is on display to the public, with the majority of works carefully preserved in the museum's reserves. The hanging of the collection has also been transformed by the desire to highlight coherent sets, recent acquisitions, or to evoke a historical fact or an artist.

See more information on new displays and new acquisitions bellow.



Design and coordination:

mahJ: communication and public department: Muriel Sassen - conservation department: Claire Decomps, Virginie Michel, Pascale Samuel - education and mediation department: Elise Malka, Raffaella Russo-Ricci

Production :

Eclydre: Franck Bodiot, Yannick Choisy, Pascal Dugat

Production images: Gilles Targat

Original music, arrangements and performances: Eden Gerber and Adrien Seguy

Voices: Yaële Baranes, Elisabeth Kurztag, Cécile Petitet, mahJ lecturers

Photographs: Gilles Berizzi (RMN-Grand Palais), Christophe Fouin, Hervé Lewandowski (RMN-Grand Palais-mahJ), Franck Raux (RMN-Grand Palais), Giovanni Ricci-Novara

Photo credits: credits and photographers are given below each photograph.

Step inside the museum!

Four different tours: masterpieces, keys to Judaism, the history of French Jewry or a family tour? The choice is yours!

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