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Make a bequest in cash or in kind

The value of the donation enables the mahJ to enrich its collection and develop its cultural activities.


Manuscrit rédigé par l’Abbé Grégoire,
Académie de Metz, 1787

To pay tribute to a lifetime’s work, the memory of a loved one or aid the museum’s development, the Fondation Pro mahJ is authorized to receive bequests with exemption from inheritance tax.  

The Fondation Pro mahJ was created in 2003 by Claire Maratier, daughter of the painter Michel Kikoïne (1982-1968). As a state-approved not-for-profit organisation, the foundation’s mission is to support the mahJ’s activities.

For further information, please contact Marion Bunan, the museum’s general secretary, by phone on 33 1 53 01 86 44 or by email at