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Donate a work or archives

The mahJ, which has the prestigious “Musée de France” status, is constantly enriching its collection thanks to donations by private individuals, institutions and companies.

Escalier d'honneur

These generous gifts enable us to fill in gaps in one of world’s major collections, constituted from 1988 onwards with the vocation of developing awareness of Judaism’s continuity and diversity down the ages.

Due to the broad time span (more than 2,000 years) and the vast geographic area covered (Europe and the Mediterranean rim), enriching the collection is an immense curatorial task, to which many donors can contribute, even modestly.
Some forty artworks and objects were donated to the mahJ in 2018.
Proposed gifts are evaluated by the museum’s curators then submitted for approval by Musées de France’s regional acquisition commission.

For further information, please contact Claire Decomps, curator, head of mahJ's conservation department:, phone (33)1 53 01 86 32.

If you pay your taxes in France and if the works donated, without charges or conditions, have a significant market value, you can obtain a Cerfa receipt indicating its value after an independent valuation.

This enables you to deduct 66 % of the gift’s value from your income tax up to 20 % of your assessed revenue (if this percentage is exceeded the deduction can be spread over the following five years)