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Charlotte Henschel, Georgette Meyer et Sonia Steinsapir

Newcomers: Charlotte Henschel, Georgette Meyer and Sonia Steinsapir

From April 4, 2024 to April 27, 2025

With the "Newcomers" programme, the mahJ is committed to studying and highlighting the lives and work of women artists in the collection.
This first exhibition is devoted to Charlotte Henschel (1892-1985), Georgette Meyer (1916-2020) and Sonia Steinsapir (1912-1980), three women artists from the same generation, with singular life paths and different artistic sensibilities.

Recent donations of works and archives provide a better understanding of their respective careers. Charlotte Henschel is a painter: she attended the Académie Ranson and the artists of the so-called New School of Paris, with whom she explored the paths of abstraction. Sonia Steinsapir loves drawing and engraving, and remains attached to figurative art, which allows her to capture on paper the memories of her fellow prisoners at the Beaudésert-Mérignac camp, near Bordeaux, during the Second World War. Finally, Georgette Meyer creates appliqués, using fabric in the same way as others use paint, and arranging textile elements in colourful compositions to capture moments from her personal history.

Although these artists grew up in different countries - Germany, Poland, Russia and France - what they all have in common is that they chose Paris and survived the Occupation underground. This exhibition, which combines works and archives, pays tribute to them all.

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Curator: Pascale Samuel, curator in charge of the modern and contemporary art collection




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