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Mili Pecherer, 2022 © Mili Pecherer

Mili Pecherer. We will not be the last of our kind

until May 14th, 2023

On the occasion of the Nuit blanche.

Invited by the mahJ, Mili Pecherer presents We will not be the last of our kind, a new computer-generated image film where the story of the Deluge intertwines with more personal concerns about wandering, the quest for meaning, ecology, or the dialogue between humans and the animal world.

Born in Israel in 1988, trained at the Bezalel School of Fine Arts, then at the Studio du Fresnoy, Mili Pecherer first made films before seizing video game technology to obtain unprecedented narrative freedom. Through her avatar, she evolves within a synthetic world and revisits the great stories in her own way to confront them with her own questions.

The artist's hypothesis is as follows: Noah's ark, the last refuge of humanity and the animal kingdom before the Great Deluge, is only a reintegration site, where survivors without landmarks have come looking for a way to finally feel “productive, useful, profitable”. But what outcome can you hope for when the only mission entrusted to you is to stack bricks? And above all, how does the story of these survivors of the ark end once on dry land?

Quirky, the adaptation of the biblical story by Mili Pecherer is written in the first person. Confined in the ark, she finds herself in the company of animals, with couples of goats, cows, hens, ducks, but also a proud dove and above all a rebellious crow. The bird, a cousin of the Pasolinian crow of Uccellaci e uccellini, strikes the crew with hard-hitting cries. Making his own the words of the Romanian poet and philosopher Benjamin Fondane, he invites the passengers of the ark to look for an exit, to the right, to the left, anywhere.

Nuit blanche

We will not be the last of our kind is a 25-minute film split on 5 screens produced by the mahJ on the occasion of Nuit Blanche 2022.

It is the last short film in a saga revealing the intimate adventures of its author within biblical stories. The films This was not the good mountain, Mohammad and Tsigele-Migele, were presented at the Berlinale Shorts, as well as at the Annecy festival, at FIDMarseille and at the Pernod Ricard Foundation.

We will not be the last of our kind was directed by Mili Pecherer in 2022 with the complicity of Adrien Dupuis-Hepner (co-screenwriter) Matthew Austin (texturing and 3D modeling), Ángel Flores Sanchez (development on Unreal Engine), Beila Ungar (original musical creation), Hugo Debrie from Lemon studio (sound editing, mixing and sound effects).

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Please note that the film is in French.

The exhibition will not be accessible on October 26th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and on November 19th and 20th all day.