Students working on the model of the Piaski synagogue in the carpentry workshop of an ORT school in North Africa, Casablanca or Tunis, 1957-1958. Silver print photo.

mahJ, archives of the museum of Jewish Art

Until 2nd July 2022

Founded in Russia in 1880 to extricate Jews from misery through the promotion of handicrafts and agriculture, ORT (Organisation Reconstruction Travail) is today an international education and training network established in over forty countries. 2021 marks the centenary of its presence in France.

Marcel Proust (1871-1922), d’après la photographie d’Otto Wegener (1849-1924). Collection privée

Du 14 avril au 28 août 2022

The "Marcel Proust. On his mother's side" exhibition is the first in France to focus on the writer through the prism of his Jewishness.

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