Students working on the model of the Piaski synagogue in the carpentry workshop of an ORT school in North Africa, Casablanca or Tunis, 1957-1958. Silver print photo.

mahJ, archives of the museum of Jewish Art
From Wednesday 19 May 2021 until Sunday 30 January 2022

Founded in Russia in 1880 to extricate Jews from misery through the promotion of handicrafts and agriculture, ORT (Organisation Reconstruction Travail) is today an international education and training network established in over forty countries. 2021 marks the centenary of its presence in France.

Amedeo Modigliani, Portrait de Dédie, 1918, Paris, Centre Pompidou, Musée national d’art moderne – Centre de création industrielle, donation de M. et Mme André Lefèvre en 1952

From June 17 until October 31, 2021

The School of Paris designates the artistic scene constituted by foreign artists from all over Europe and also the Americas, Asia and Africa. This cosmopolitism was unprecedented in art history.

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By Madeline Diaz or Stéphanie Nadalo, English speaking guides.

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by Madeline Diaz or Stéphanie Nadalo, English speaking guides.

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