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You are due to come to Paris ? Book this guided tour in English available for groups

One-hour and half guided tour designed for a family or a group from 1 to 15 people, available on request in English, German, Hebrew or Spanish, at the day of your choice

Online tour of the mahJ
Online guided tour
Sunday 12 September 2021, 19h00-20h00 -Sunday 28 November 2021, 19h00-20h00 -Sunday 16 January 2022, 19h00-20h00

By Madeline Diaz or Stéphanie Nadalo, English speaking guides.

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Online Jewish Marais guided tour
Online guided tour
Sunday 10 October 2021, 19h00-20h00 -Sunday 12 December 2021, 19h00-20h00 -Sunday 13 February 2022, 19h00-20h00

by Madeline Diaz or Stéphanie Nadalo, English speaking guides.

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Récits et souvenirs gravés

From November 3, 2021 until May 8, 2022

The mahJ is showing The Parade, the series of drawings created by Si Lewen (1918–2016) in 1950. Although this Polish-born American artist was a prominent figure in American post-war art, he is still little known in Europe. The recurrent theme in his work is the inexpressible horror of the Holocaust.