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Ali Eniss, Débarcadère face à la place de l’Olympe

Salonika, "Jerusalem of the Balkans", 1870-1920. The Pierre de Gigord donation

from September 19, 2023 to April 21, 2024

A cosmopolitan city, like other major ports in the Levant, Salonika - Greek Thessalonika under the Ottoman Empire - was for a long time a Jewish city, where shopkeepers of all denominations closed on Saturdays and during Jewish holidays. The 150 works in the mahJ exhibition tell the story of Salonika from the second half of the 19th century to the end of the First World War.

Raphaël Denis, Fonds Paul Rosenberg : les années parisiennes

Raphaël Denis. Rosenberg Fund, the Parisian years

jusqu'au 1er décembre 2024

Raphaël Denis's installation at the mahJ is a memorial reappropriation of the collection of art dealer Paul Rosenberg, a victim of Nazi spoliations. The artist-researcher has been exploring the question of the spoliations of works of art that took place in France during the Second World War for almost a decade, through a series of installations called the Normal Law of Errors.

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