Jules Adler, La Mère, 1899,
Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu

Jules Adler. Painter of the people

From Thursday 17 October 2019 until Sunday 23 February 2020

Jules Adler (1865-1952) was born into an Alsatian Jewish family at Luxeuil-les-Bains in Franche-Comté. The powerful and singular oeuvre of this painter of the second naturalist generation is little known to the public today, yet one of his pictures, The Strike at Le Creusot (1899), became an iconic image of the workers’ struggle and has been frequently reproduced in history books.

Les traversées du marais 2019

Les Traversées du Marais

Sunday 8 September 2019, 10h30-17h30

Le festival se déploie dans une trentaine de lieux du Marais, dont le mahJ, avec des propositions artistiques pluridisciplinaires autour du thème « Voyage(s) ».

Helena Rubinstein dans son appartement à New York

Helena Rubinstein. The Adventure of Beauty

From Wednesday 20 March 2019 until Sunday 25 August 2019

For the first time in France, the mahJ is devoting an exhibition to Helena Rubinstein (1872- 1965). Featuring more than 300 exhibits from her famous collection – objects, garments, photographs, etchings, books, paintings, sculptures and tapestries, including works by Marc Chagall, Michel Kikoïne, Sarah Lipska, Louis Marcoussis, Elie Nadelman and Maurice Utrillo – it recounts the life and career of the woman whom Jean Cocteau dubbed “the empress of beauty.”

Visite de nuit au mahJ

Nuit des musées 2018

samedi 19 mai 2018, de 18h à minuit

Free access to the museum and activities within the limit of available seats

 Bal de Pourim au mahJ, mars 2017

Masked ball, « Kings, queens and despots »

Sunday 11 March 2018, 15h00-18h00

Avec le Katerina Klezmer Orkestra, dirigé par Alain Gourdeau, et les Klezmorimlekh, musiciens amateurs de la Maison de la culture yiddish, dirigés par Marthe Desrosières
Avec la participation d’Andreas Schmitges, maître de danse, et de Muriel Bloch, conteuse

Jean-Francois Zygel

East Side Story

Saturday 10 March 2018, 17h30-19h00

Concert-spectacle imaginé par Jean-François Zygel
Avec Talila, voix ; Martine Bailly, violoncelle ; Jean-François Zygel, piano, composition, arrangements


Tribute to the donors

From Wednesday 7 March 2018 until Sunday 13 January 2019

To celebrate its 20th birthday, the mahJ highlights in the permanent collection and the auditorium foyer 100 donors and the artwork they have donated to the museum.