Admission and reservations

Admission rates for the permanent collection, temporary exhibitions, tours, workshops, auditorium and media library and reservation arrangements.

Permanent collection and exhibitions

mahJ tickets : Permanent collection + exhibitions

  • Full rate: 10 €
  • Reduced rate: 7 € (18-25 year non European Union residents, Holders of the Large Family Card)

Ticket on sale here (additional charge of 0,50 € on each ticket) or at FNAC (additional charge of 1 € on each ticket)
Audioguide (English, French, German, Hebrew, Russian and Spanish) included in the admission price.

From September 2018 to June 2019, the Permanent collection is free every first Saturday of the month. As a consequence, Saturday June 1st 2019 entrance fees to visit  « Helena Rubinstein » are:

  • Exhibition Full rate: 8 €
  • Exhibition Reduced rate (18-25 year European Union residents, Holders of the Large Family Card): 5 €

These tickets are valid for one day.


Free admission

Free admission to permanent collection :  18-25 year Union resident

Free admission to Permanent collection + exhibition : Amis du mahJ, under 18 years, Icom card holders, museum curators, journalists, disabled ex-servicemen, people with disabilities, job seekers, people on in-work welfare benefit and basic state pensioners, holders of the pass Education card

You may be asked for currently valid proof.

Unlimited admission

Amis du mahJ have unlimited admission to the permanent collection and exhibitions on identification at the ticket desk.

Find out more about Amis du mahJ membership

Paris Pass holders (valid for 2, 4 or 6 consecutive days) have free admission to 60 museums and monuments in Paris and the Paris area, including the Musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaïsme. The Paris Pass, created by InterMusées, is on sale at the MahJ ticket desk.

Holders of these cards must be issued with a free admission ticket at the ticket desk.


Guided tours in English

Guided tours, extramural tours

  • Full rate: 14 €
  • Reduced rate*: 8 €
  • Very reduced rate ** : 7 €

Prices include admission to the museum.
* Reduced rate: Amis du mahJ, under 26 years, teachers working in France, job seekers, people on basic welfare benefits, basic state pensioners and people with disabilities with valid identification.

** Very reduced rate : Paris museum pass holders, children under 18

Rates for our guided tours in French : go to the page in French.


Rates for our workshops in French: go to the page in french.


Admission free: admission ticket available at the ticket desk


Rates for our auditorium program in Frenchgo to the page in French.


A group comprises 10 to 30 people in the permanent collection. Groups are limited to 25 people in the temporary exhibition spaces.
All groups must reserve:

Unless specifically agreed, the group must pay the reservation fee 48 hours in advance, and the admission tickets at the museum on the day of the visit.

Admission is valid for the entire day indicated on the ticket.

Admission includes the audioguide to the permanent collection, on request when the reservation is made.

The use of audiophones is compulsory is the temporary exhibition spaces. The mahJ provides audiophones free of charge, subject to reservation and conditions.

Admission rates for autonomous groups with or without a non-mahJ lecturer

Adult groups of 10 to 25 people: 6 € per person till August 31th and 7 € per person after september 1st (single rate for all people in the group)
Groups of people benefiting from free admission (groups of under 18s, teachers, people with disabilities, people on basic welfare benefits, job seekers, 18-25 year-olds in the permanent collection) must obtain the free ticket for the group at the ticket desk.  

Rates for group tours conducted by a mahJ guide

Schools and extracurricular groups
Schools and day care centre workshops
1 session: 75 €
1 REP and REP+ session: 52 €
3 sessions (Visage du livre): 200 €
Guided tours, discovery tours  
Schools: 55 €
REP and REP+: 40 €
Extramural tours  
65 €
Free for pupils and their teachers for special schools sessions

Students and under 26s

Guided tours, extramural tours
75 € (including admission and tour)

Adults (10 to 25 people)
Guided tours  
140 € + 6 € admission per person till August 31th and 7 € per personn after september 1st  
Extramural tours  
200 €
300 €

Discover the English, German, Hebrew, Spanish language guided tours

People with disabilities
Groups of a minimum of five to eight people, depending on disabilities.

Guided tours, extramural tours

40 € (admission and tour guide)
French sign language (LSF) translator’s fee is additional the guided tour.

The guided tour: Discover the mahJ is adapted to hard of hearing visitors using induction loop,or to visitors with reduced mobility. The guided walking tour: Discover the Jewish Marais is adapted to hard of hearing visitors using induction loop. Both are available in English, German, Hebrew, Spanish language.


70 € (admission and workshop)
Guided tours, extramural tours  
French sign language (LSF) translator’s fee is additional the guided tour.

Underprivileged community groups

70 € (admission and workshop)
Guided tours, extramural tours 40 € (admission and tour guide)

Methods of payment 

At the museum
Cash: in euros
Cheque: French cheque payable to the mahJ with proof of identity  Credit card: French and foreign cards (Eurocard, MasterCard, Visa, American Express)
Other French means of payment accepted: chèques culture, chèques vacances, chèques cadeau culture and chèque cadeau sélection

Payment in advance
All distance sales are firm. No cancellations are accepted and no reimbursements are made, except if the event is cancelled by the museum.


Online Ticketing
Reservation by phone : 01 53 01 86 50 (Monday to Thursday, 10.30 am to 1.30 pm)

You have the option of making reservations and paying by phone for all cultural activities and shows.