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People with disabilities

The mahJ pays great attention to the quality of its welcome for all visitors.

Cour d'honneur de l'hôtel de Saint-Aignan

The museum has the “Tourisme & handicap” accreditation for autonomous visits by people with hearing and learning disabilities.

The mahJ is a cultural place on a human scale. Its guides and reception officers are at your disposal.

> Activities accessible to visitors with disabilities

The calendar of accessible activities presents choices among the activities scheduled each season for all visitors. These choices refer to activities in which visitors with disabilities can participate without difficulty.

> Group reception

Practical information and activities for groups are presented by type of disability.

> Improving our accessibility, thanks to you!

Visitors' comments help to improve the museum's proposals. Your feedback to the team is welcome, whether you are on site or email us.

In order to make progress, the museum also works with many organisations. For example, we have been inspired by the advice of the poster "A museum for all" developed by ICOM CECA (Committee for Education and Cultural Action of the International Council of Museums). 

Accessibility for visitors with reduced mobility 


Except for the Library (inaccessible by lift), the entire museum is accessible for people with reduced mobility. Please note that the route through the permanent collection taken by wheelchair users is different to the usual itinerary due to the necessity to use the lifts.

A member of staff is available to help you cross the paved courtyard and mount the access ramp, accompanying you from the reception-security area to the ticket desk in the museum itself.

A manual wheelchair can be provided on request, in exchange for proof of identity (when possible). Your use of this wheelchair is your responsibility.

Mobile seats are available for everyone. Benches are located along the collection route.

The auditorium is accessible and has reservable wheelchair places. Please indicate the dimensions of your wheelchair when reserving.

*The library is not accessible, but consultation of the works is possible in another room accessible by lift. Find the books in the online catalogue. Indicate in the contact form the titles and authors you are looking for, the call numbers and give several dates for an appointment.

Most of the activities scheduled  for the public take place in "lift-accessible areas*: find out about these activities which are open to all and adapted to people with motor disabilities. For more information or to express any special needs after purchasing your ticket at a reduced rate on the internet, write us through the contact form.

The mahJ has a mixed toilet adapted for people with reduced mobility, located in the basement, opposite the main lift.

Accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing   

label tourisme et handicap

The mahJ has the “Tourisme & Handicap” accreditation for the hearing disabilities. The content of the museum’s permanent collection is primarily visual.

boucle magnétique

Some facilites are equipped with audio induction loops:

  • The reception-security area,
  • The ticket desk,
  • The audiophones (for group visits with a guide),
  • The audioguides for the permanent collection (free of charge). Their volume can be adjusted and they can used with headphones,
  • The auditorium.

Accessibility for the blind and visually impaired  

handicap visuel

Guide dogs are welcome in the museum.

Blind or visually impaired people can be accompanied in the lifts and, if need be, across the paved courtyard.

Staircases and benches are visually contrasted to aid their use by visually impaired visitors.

The museum brochure is available in Braille at the ticket desk.

The audioguides for the permanent collection (free of charge) can be equipped with an earpiece for “hands free” use.

Tactile appreciation: museum attendants will indicate the four objects in the permanent collection that can be touched with cotton gloves provided by the museum, including the sculpture The Jewish Painter by Chana Orloff.

Blind or visually impaired people have already participated in certain activities in the museum’s programme. Please enquire when reserving.

Accessibility for people with learning disabilities

label tourisme et handicap

The mahJ has the “Tourisme & handicap mental” accreditation and documents aiding visits by people with learning disabilities are available at the ticket desk. Visits with an accompanier or group visits are recommended.


Free admission or reduced fare for most activities for holders of one of these cards :

- from the ONACVG,
- from the MDPH (disability cards, mobility and inclusion cards, standing cards), 
- or a foreign disability card.

The companion does not pay.


From Monday to Friday:, or by phone: +33 (0)1 53 01 86 56 


Please have a look on groups page. 

All group visits to the museum must be booked
>By telephone on Monday or Wednesday from 3.30 to 5.30 pm: +33 (0) 1 53 01 86 57
>By email:

Audio tours

If you want to have a taste of the museum, listen to some of these audio presentations.

someone is listeniing at the audiotour in the galleries