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Partnership with the Chana Orloff studio-museum

To extend the visit to its collections devoted to the École de Paris, the mahJ is offering visitors and Friends a preferential rate for a guided tour in French of the Chana Orloff studio-museum in Paris's fourteenth arrondissement (on reservation only).

salle de l'atelier musée Chana Orloff dans le 14e arrondissement

Salle de l'Atelier musée Chana Orloff 14 villa Seurat, 75014 Paris

The Chana Orloff studio-museum houses an exceptional collection of the artist's sculptures.   

Few sculptors' studios can be seen in their entirety today. There is still the studio of Chana Orloff (1888-1968). Built at her request by the architect Auguste Perret in 1926, this masterpiece of modern architecture houses the largest collection of works by the artist, who lived and worked there from 1926 to 1968. Thanks to her children and grandchildren, her studio seems to have remained as it was when she left it for Tel Aviv, where she died in 1968.

Born in Ukraine, Chana Orloff was one of the greatest sculptors of the 20th century. Her family emigrated to Palestine in 1905. Chana came to Paris to study with the couturier Paquin in 1910, and the following year she came second in the competitive entrance exam to the École des Arts Décoratifs, studying at the same time at the Vassilieff Academy. By 1912, she was making a living from her sculpture and, from 1913 onwards, exhibited in the main Parisian salons. After her husband, the poet Ary Justman, died of Spanish flu in 1918, she became a sought-after portrait painter, alone with a child to support. In 1945, returning from Geneva where she had taken refuge, she found her studio devastated and many of her works broken or stolen. 

Chana Orloff's interest in modernity is reflected in the architecture of her studio. Auguste Perret, one of the pioneers of the use of concrete, built his first studio residence here. A functional space, suitable for both private and professional life, with spacious rooms bathed in soft natural light. A place where the artist's presence is palpable from the moment you enter, through his sculptures.




Ateliers-musée Chana Orloff
7 bis villa Seurat
75014 Paris



The partnership applies to the price of the guided tour in French, on dates determined by the Chana Orloff studio-museum.

- Visitors and Friends of the mahJ: 5€

- Friends of the mahJ donors, benefactors or patrons: free of charge

Tickets are valid for one year, and require you to book a place on one of the guided-tours scheduled by the Chana Orloff studio-museum. Tickets cannot be changed or refunded.

How do I book?

- Buy your ticket for the visit to the Chana Orloff studio-museum for €5 on the mahJ website (in French).

- Book a combined mahJ ticket (free) on the chana Orloff studio-museum website for the day and time of your visit (in French). 

- On the day of the visit you have booked, present the ticket you have bought and the one bearing the date and time of the visit.