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Key works

Discover the richness of the mahJ’s collection through a selection of major works, representative of the diversity of artistic expressions related to Jewish history and culture.

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France, first half of the 19th century

History, Fine arts

Jules Jean Antoine Lecomte du Noüy (Paris, 1842 – Paris, 1923)

Paris, 1878

History, Fine arts


Austro-Hungary, around 1782

Art moderne

Jules Pascin (Vidin, 1885 – Paris, 1930)

United States, 1916

Art moderne

Abel Pann (Abba Pfeffermann, known as ; Kreslawka, 1883 – Jerusalem, 1963)

Jerusalem, circa 1924

Art moderne

Jacques Lipchitz (Druskininkai, 1891– Capri, 1973)

Paris, circa 1917

Books and manuscripts

Romeyn de Hooghe (illustrations; Amsterdam, 1645 – Haarlem, 1708)

Amsterdam: Menasseh ben Israel, 1631; engravings incorporated after 1712

Contemporary art

Kader Attia (Dugny, 1970)

Paris, 2005

Festivals and ceremonies, Synagogue*

Late 18th-early 19th century