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Acquisitions 2022

The year was marked by the acquisition of several paintings (Henschel, Lochakow, Maryan, etc.), a very significant donation from Patrick Zachmann and drawings of the Moguilev-Podolski camp by Avigdor Arikha.

Peinture de Maryan, Sans titre, 1955

The mahJ's collections have been enriched by an exceptional portrait of Berr Isaac Berr, known as Berr de Turique (1744-1828), the principal representative of the Jews of eastern France at the time of Emancipation, and two paintings by Charlotte Henschel (1905-1985).

An important set of Moroccan costumes and jewelry as well as four marriage contracts (ketoubbot) drawn up between 1855 and 1934 for members of the same family from Mogador (now Essaouira).

Following the exhibition "Hersh Fenster and the Lost Shtetl of Montparnasse" in 2021, the family of the author of Nos artistes martyrs donated to the museum fifteen works on paper by artists who disappeared during the Holocaust, allowing drawings by Jane Levy, David Brainin, and Alexandre Fasini, among others, to enter the mahJ's collections. The impact of this exhibition can also be seen in the donations of works by Ignacy Hirszfang, Ary Arcadie Lochakow, Roman Kramsztyk and Marcel Slodki.

The photographer Patrick Zachmann donated 260 prints made for the exhibition "Patrick Zachmann. Journeys of Memory". 

Dessin d'Avigdor Arikha

Thanks to the generosity of seventy-one donors and the Pro mahJ Foundation, the museum acquired sixteen rare drawings made by Avigdor Arikha at the age of fourteen, when he was interned with his mother and sister in the Mogilev-Podolski camp. Saved from destruction in exceptional circumstances, these sketches represent a testimony to the unspeakable life in the camps,
but also the first works of an artist who will become an important figure in the French and Israeli art scene.

The mahJ also benefited from the donation of a work by Maryan (untitled, 1955 which illustrates this page), to whom the museum had dedicated an exhibition in 2013 "Maryan (1927-1977) The Human Menagerie".