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Accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing

The galleries of the permanent collection are quiet.

There are very few sound devices.

Access to the works is mainly visual.

Handicap auditif
label tourisme et handicap


Le mahJ a obtenu la marque Tourisme & Handicap pour le handicap auditif.

Devices equipped with magnetic loops (BIM) 

The reception and security desk
The ticket office
The auditorium (ask the agents to give you an audiophone with BIM)

Visits and walks outside the museum: ask for the BIM

To follow these activities, you can ask for audiophones equipped with BIM. To request the BIM, after having purchased your ticket at a reduced rate on the internet, write to

Discover the permanent collection with the audio guides 

The audio guides in the permanent collection are free. The volume is adjustable. Headphones or a BIM can be added.

Coming in a group

Many of the tours and walks offered to groups are accessible to hearing-impaired visitors using lip-reading or the T function of their hearing aid (to be coupled with a BIM).

The museum does not have any trained LSF lecturers. Groups wishing to take a tour should contact their usual translator.

Click on the "Group booking" button on the right and then on the "Reservation form for groups with disabilities".

Once you have made your booking request in the online form, you will be contacted shortly.

A reduced rate is applied to groups of visitors with disabilities:

40€ for a guided tour (compared to 140€ + 7€ entrance fee for a group of adult visitors).




Pour vous renseigner ou pour faire part de besoins spécifiques, écrivez à



Trouvez le formulaire sur la page Réserver pour un groupe