Exposition Charlemagne Palestine

Photo : Paul Allain

Charlemagne Palestine

From Wednesday 17 May 2017 until Sunday 19 November 2017

Sculptures, paintings, visual and acoustic installations, films, concerts... Charlemagne Palestine’s exhibition at the mahJ is the first of its kind in a French museum. Combining past creations and his most recent works, his installation in the former stables takes us into the very heart of his fascinating universe, in which stuffed toys play a leading role.


Travaux des participants aux ateliers de création textile

Du samedi 22 au dimanche 30 avril

Les participants des ateliers de création textile exposent leurs réalisations.

Paul Wegener, Le Golem, comment il vint au monde, 1920. Deutsche Kinemathek, Berlin  

Golem! Avatars of a legend of clay

From Wednesday 8 March 2017 until Sunday 16 July 2017

This exhibition explores the fascinating destiny of the Golem in the visual arts, in painting, drawing, photography, theatre, cinema, literature, comic books and video games. 

Max Wechsler, La Disparition (Hommage à Georges Perec), détail, 2001, papier sur contreplaqué, don de l’artiste

Max Wechsler's donation

From Thursday 23 February 2017 until Sunday 30 July 2017

Max Wechsler’s donation of works to the mahJ consecrates the long dialogue between the museum and the artist, awarded the Prix Maratier by the Fondation Pro mahJ in 2003.

Ô vous, frères humains

« Ô vous, frères humains » Luz draws Albert Cohen

From Tuesday 6 December 2016 until Sunday 28 May 2017

“A Jewish child encounters hate on his tenth birthday. I was that child.”

Albert Cohen, 1972

“[…] in 2015, I felt the need to reread O Humans, My Brothers, and I was even more powerfully struck by the terrible psychological ordeal of this young boy wandering on the verge of madness, by the message of Albert Cohen’s last testament...”

Luz, 5 February 2016

Sigalit Landau, Miqlat

Sigalit Landau Miqlat

From Saturday 1 October 2016 until Sunday 26 March 2017

Sculpture monumentale en bronze dans la cour d’honneur de l’hôtel de Saint-Aignan.