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Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaïsme

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School visits for middle and high school students


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Duration : 1.30 hour

---------------------- fleche The museum’s collection ----------------------

Visits in french, english, hebrew, spanish or german.

The Museum of Jewish Art and History is situated in one of the finest private mansions in Paris. Here discover in a warm and quiet atmosphere, the development of Jewish communities through their cultural heritage and traditions.
Enjoy precious religious art objects, textiles and manuscripts, and witness unique documents about intellectual, artistic and historic movements – including the archives of the Dreyfus affair.

Intervenants : Sandrine Adass, Yaël Baranès, Katia Gloger, Elisabeth Kurztag, Betty Lau, Raphaëlle Laufer-Krygier, Isabelle Pleskoff-Berkowitz, Déborah Sicsic.

---------------------- fleche To know ----------------------

The documentation centre, freely open to the public, is a resource centre on Jewish culture. It contains a book library, video library and photo library.
Numbers of documents are in English:

---------------------- fleche Guided Tours ----------------------

Salle du Moyen-Agefleche The museum’s collection
Visit proposed in English, Spanish, Hebrew, with native speaking guides

This visit traces the development of Jewish culture through the study of diverse objects, documents and artworks in Mahj’s collection spanning the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Students gain an appreciation of how Jewish communities have preserved their traditions while at the same time adapting to and adopting the dominant cultures in the Diaspora.


Assiette de PourimflecheCelebrations and rites of passage
Visit proposed in English, Spanish, Hebrew, with native speaking guides

Students discover the significance and meaning of holidays in the Jewish calendar and key moments in the cycle of life and their rites through the museum’s collection of ritual and objects.


Salle des Sépharadesfleche Jews, Christians and Muslims
Visit proposed in English, Hebrew, with native speaking guides

Jews, Christians and Muslims all claim a common ancestor, Abraham and the same concept, monotheism. What is unique to each religion? And beyond their differences, what values, emblematic figures, and rites do all three religions share? Students will consider the museum collection through a comparative perspective and in their historical and cultural contexts.

---------------------- fleche Walking tour ----------------------

Marais juif : Rue des Rosiersfleche Discover the Jewish Marais district
Visit proposed in English, Hebrew - non native speaking

Following the guide in the Marais district in Paris, you will discover a place where Jews used to live since the Middle Ages. This will make an introduction to the history of the French Jews.


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