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Chagall and the Bible

2 March – 5 June 2011

Chagall and the Bible

Marc Chagall, Les Pâques, 1968.
Paris, Centre Pompidou, Musée national d’art moderne / Centre de création industrielle,
en dépôt au Musée national Marc Chagall, Nice
© ADAGP, Paris, 2011 – Chagall
© Graphisme : Doc Levin / Bérangère Perron

From 2 March to 5 June 2011, the Paris Museum of Jewish Art and History (MAHJ) presents Chagall and the Bible, an exhibition made possible thanks to an exceptional partnership with the Marc Chagall National Museum in Nice.

For more than a quarter of a century, from 1930 to 1956, Marc Chagall dedicated himself to the task of illustrating the Hebrew Bible. The MAHJ exhibition reflects the long creative process of this work, from the magnificent set of gouaches painted by the artist, through the various stages of engraving where the motif becomes clearer, and right up to the 105 final engravings embossed by hand. The special set dedicated to his wife is shown here for the first time. In addition, paintings and works on paper highlight the visual forms of the Bible text as revealed by the painter’s brush.

In 1930, Chagall began to illustrate the Hebrew Bible at the request of art merchant and publisher Ambroise Vollard. The work was interrupted by Vollard’s death in 1939, and then by the artist’s exile to the United States during the Second World War. Chagall only took it up again several years after his return to France, in 1948, and it was finally published in 1956 as a set of 105 engraved plates. This adventure had a remarkable sequel in the artist’s work, particularly in the form of the monumental paintings The Bible Message, completed in 1966.

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