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Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaïsme

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Sophie Calle
The Jerusalem Eruv

Du 5 December 1998 - May 1999

Sophie Calle<br />The Jerusalem Eruv

Sophie Calle
L’Erouv de Jérusalem
1996 ©Adagp

The law forbidding all work on the Sabbath includes moving an object outside of one’s home. However, as a village or town surrounded by a wall with doors is considered a private area and therefore an extension of the home, it is possible to take objects out of the house into the street and vice-versa…

Few towns and cities today are surrounded by walls, but the Torah states that if an eruvim, a wall of string or rope, is strung around a perimeter, the space within becomes private. Sophie Calle asked Israeli and Palestinian inhabitants of Jerusalem to take her to a public place they consider private.


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