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Parcours The Emancipation: The French model

We now enter the era of the Emancipation, which began with the French Revolution. No longer thematic but more historical in nature, this panorama of French Judaism in the 19th century focuses on vital events in its integration into modern society. This theme is pursued in works depicting Jewish themes (Moritz Oppenheim) and genre paintings by French and European artists (France: Alphonse Levy, Edouard Brandon, Edouard Moyse ; Poland: Samuel Hirszenberg, Mauricy Gottlieb and Mauricy Minkovski). These works enable an initial reflection on the possibility of a Jewish art other than merely liturgical or traditional ones.

This section includes material from the archives donated by the grandchildren of Captain Dreyfus, which comprise more than three thousand manuscripts, letters, photographs, family heirlooms, official documents, books, postcards, posters, etc.

Interior of the synagogue at Bordeaux and its architect, A. Corcelles
Jean Lubin Vauzelle (Angerville-la-Gâte, 1776 ? - 1837)
Bordeaux, France
ca. 1812

Evening prayer (Prayer to the moon)
Alphonse Lévy (Marmoutier, 1843 - Alger, 1918)
before 1883

J'Accuse... !
Émile Zola (Paris, 1840 - Paris, 1902)
L'Aurore, Paris
January 13, 1898


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