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Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaisme

Retour The Permanent Collection The traditional Sephardi world

Parcours The traditional Sephardi world

The Sephardic expression of the same themes is shown. These two symmetrical collections enable an appreciation of the formal kinship between the two traditions and the weight of influences.
Textiles, among them a wedding dress (berberisca), synagogue silverware including a Torah case (tik), ordinary domestic objects, printed works and popular art, presented in large mural display cases, highlight geographic contrasts in religious custom.

This space contains a wide range of ethnographic objects illustrating the wealth of traditions, family ceremonies and the opulent costumes of the Jews of the Maghreb, the Ottoman Empire and the Middle East. Orientalist paintings, engravings and ancient photographs complete this journey among the communities of the Diaspora.

Jewish woman and her daughter

late 19th century

Holy Ark Curtain, Parokhet

19th century

Torah case and scroll, Tik

Ottoman Empire

Woman with Hennin
Félix Barrias (Paris, 1822 - Paris, 1907)



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