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Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaisme

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Parcours The traditional Ashkenazi world

The sukkah's makeshift structure heralds the scale models of synagogues. This collection marks the beginning of an exploration of the traditional framework of Jewish life in Eastern Europe through its key emotional moments and settings. A painting by Samuel Hirszenberg, The Jewish Cemetery, is also exhibited in this room.

The display cases contain works on the theme of the Shabbat, prayer and liturgy, and provide a brief picture of the organisation of religious study and the principal movements of religious thought in 19th century.

The Jewish Cemetery
Samuel Hirszenberg (Lodz, 1865 - Jerusalem, 1908)


Pointer, Yad

ca. 1800

Torah crown, Keter Torah
Atelier d'Aryeh Leib Katz (?)
Lemberg (Austria-Hungary)
late 18th century

Model of the synagogue in Wolpa, Byelorussia
Ecole de Paris ORT
20th century


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