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Retour The Permanent Collection The Jews in France In the Middle Ages

Parcours The Jews in France In the Middle Ages

Gravestones from Jewish cemeteries in Paris, set in a large "wooden plot", comprises the room's central exhibit. At the far end, there is a glass-topped presentation counter containing valuable manuscripts.

Four rare objects, a Hanukkah lamp, a wedding ring, an alms box and a seal. Dating from before the Jews' expulsion from France, they illustrate the painful contrast between the cultural wealth of medieval Judaism in Northern France and Provence, and its violent extinction following Philippe le Bel's edict expelling the Jews from France in 1306 and then Charles VI's edict banishing them completely in 1394. The visitor is given an initial picture of community organisation, knowledge networks and the Jewish presence in the Christian world.

Hanukkah lamp

14th century




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