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Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaisme

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The visit begins with an introductory presentation of symbolic objects and fundamental texts, essential to an initial understanding of the permanence of Jewish civilisation.

The texts, hand-written in Hebrew on the walls, then translated, announce the central place of writing and reading in the museum.

An audio-visual presentation of faces, famous and anonymous, from history, art and literature, etc.

Torah Scroll, Sefer Torah

Italy or Ottoman Empire
16th century

Hanukkah lamp
Johann Michael Schüler (Francfort sur le Main, 1658-1718)

17th century

Relief map of Jerusalem

Odessa (Poland)

The Jewish painter (Reisin?)
Chana Orloff (Tsara-Konstantinovska, 1888 Tel-Aviv, 1968)


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