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Torah finials, Rimmonim
Torah finials, Rimmonim

ca. 1763
Silver, cast, chased and parcel-gilt
44 x 12 cm

Photo Gilles Berizzi. Réunion des Musées Nationaux, Paris
Private collection

These ornaments in the form of a tower are typical of the Rimmonim made in Holland, inspired by church bell towers. They were dedicated to the Synagogue by Samuel de Pinto, who belonged to one of the most illustrious Portuguese Marrano families in the Netherlands. The Pinto brothers had settled in Rotterdam in 1646, and there they established a trade bank and set up a Yeshivah which they transferred to Amsterdam, where they settled in 1669.

They soon became the most powerful family in the Portuguese community, and founded a new synagogue, the famous Esnoga. The family had extensive ramifications; Samuel de Pinto was less well known than his contemporary Isaac de Pinto, the philosopher who challenged Voltaire on the subject of his opinions on the Jews.

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