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Jewish festival in Tetuan
Jewish festival in Tetuan

Alfred Dehodencq (Paris, 1822-Paris, 1882)
ca. 1858
Oil on canvas
120 x 90 cm

Photo Gilles Berizzi. Réunion des Musées Nationaux, Paris
Acquired with the help of a subsidy from the FRAM Île-de-France

Alfred Dehodencq left Paris after the revolution of 1848. He travelled in Spain, where he married. Between 1853 and 1863, he set sail from Cadiz on a number of voyages to Morocco, which held a profound fascination for him. He showed a keen interest in the Jewish population, observing their rites and customs, and making the Jews the subject of his paintings, as did Théodore Chassériau and Eugène Delacroix in particular.

He produced numerous studies portraying a Morocco that is vibrant, intense, noisy and full of life. His stark, bright colours and the extensive use of black are suited to the violence of his subjects (The Torture of the Thieves, The Execution of the Jewess, The Pasha's Justice).This painting depicts an annual procession of the Jews of Tetuan, who were allowed to parade through the streets in memory of a service rendered. The procession, preceded by two musicians, is emerging from the Mellah, whose gate is visible in the background.

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