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Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaïsme

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The Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaïsme is grateful to Georges Aboucaya, Max Amado and his family, Mme A. Cabau, Théo Klein, Claude-Gérard Marcus, Mme E. Nahmias and her children, Abel Rambert, Gilbert Schil, M. and Mme Jean Schulman and Dora Szafran.

We also thank Mme B.P. Abravanel, Albert Allal, Jacques Benaïem, Hélène Bettan-Hamon, G. Binder, M. Bloch, Yvonne Cavaillon, Guy Cohen, Mme Gueller-Muraour, Josette Lachkar, Jacques Lazarus, Isaac Ninio, Marie Rebibo, Valérie Rodrigue, Gérard Silvain, Denise Solat, Clothilde Sotto and Galerie Soustiel.

The museum’s collections have been enriched thanks to the constant support and generous aid of several donors: Captain Dreyfus’ grandchildren, Claire Maratier and the Fondation Kikoïne, Georges Aboucaya and the laste Ruben Lipchitz, whom we owe major ensembles of works, and also Sete Guetta, Mme E. Nahmias, Victor Klagsbald, Théo Klein, the Kraemer family and the late Maurice Nordmann. It is with great pride and pleasure that we again express our profound gratitude.

The museum has also benefited from the generosity of Danièle Adam-Braun, Dr Bauer, Liliane Benzimra, Fernand Bibas, Élisabeth Bizouard-Reicher, Christian Boltanski, Arsène Bonafous-Murat, Fred and Gaby Bonan, the Brazzola family, Jean Carasso, Jean Chauvelin, Philippe Cohen, the late Doda Conrad, Paul Curtz, Joseph Dobrinsky, Hilde Frank, Mme Furmansky, Paulette Garçon, Philippe Ginsburger, Lucie Grincager, Claudie Guggenheim, Francis Harburger, Maurice Hasson, Marie-Claude Haymann, Enrico Isacco, the Justman family, the children of the late grand rabbi and Mme Jacob Kaplan, the late Claude Kelman, Olga Klein-Astrachan, Abram Krol, Julien Lévy, Thérèse Lubitsch, Lolay Mann, Annie Meyer, Itiel Pann, M. and Mme Isaac Revah, the late Édouard Roditi, M. and Mme Sicsu-Gabison, Suzanne Sigal, Mme Soubielle, Lucien Steinberg, Tereska Torres-Levin, M. and Mme Ulmann, Anna Vilner, Gérard Wahl-Boyer, Jeanine Warnod, Dominique Weill, Yankel, Mmes Yontan, the descendents of the Zadoc Kahn and Bruhl families, Maurice Zytnicki.

The museum would also like to express its gratitude to the donors who for fifty years contributed to the development of the collections of the Musée d'Art juif de Paris.


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